3M Health Care
3M Health Care’s high-quality products help ensure infection control during surgical operations and improve the quality of medical services.

3M surgical gowns
  • Basic surgical gowns
  • Comfort surgical gowns
  • High-performance surgical gowns
Basic surgical gowns are comfortable and provide protection from fluids during minor surgeries. They are fluid repellent, tough and low-linting. The seams are bonded using ultrasound. There are overlapping parts in the back of the coat.
Comfort surgical gowns have a high level of protection. Two types of design are available: standard and reinforced (with an additional impermeable layer at stomach and cuff areas). These gowns are resistant to fluids, alcohol and have superior strength properties. These gowns have double connection at the seams using ultrasound. The gown is light, soft and has a comfortable collar. There is a wide range of available sizes.
High-performance gowns are high-quality, new-generation surgical gowns, made of soft, low-linting, waterproof non-woven material that provides good air ventilation. The material of these gowns has the highest protection properties.
High-performance reinforced gowns have the same high quality of the new generation surgical gowns and are made of equally soft quality material as the standard but have additional protection at chest and cuff areas. These gowns are resistant to fluids and alcohol. This is a best offer for modern surgery.

3M surgical drapes
Are made of two layers of material, a tough layer of weaved threads, which is connected to polyethylene material using ultrasound . Thanks to this technology, the drapes are tough and do not break during operations, and separate particles do not get into a wound.

3M produces a wide range of drapes suitable for general, cardiac, urologic, obstetric, gynaecological, orthopaedic, LOR and eye surgery.
3M also provides various accessories to help ensure the sterility of surgical equipment.

3M surgical masks
Surgical masks are an important part of infection prevention in surgery and therefore must meet the parameters stipulated by European standards. The most important properties of the masks are BFE (Bacteria Filtering Efficiency), splash resistance to fluids and air flow. All these requirements are given in the standard EN14683. 3M masks meet and in some cases exceed the requirements of this standard.

These masks are for staff and patient protection. An especially unique line of masks is the 3M 1800 TM respirator series. These respirators provide protection from harmful particles that have the potential to cause harm to staff. They are particularly important if the environment contains dangerous air-borne bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These respirators have an exclusive patented exhalation valve mounted on the front of the respirator.

Protective glasses
For healthcare staff, eye protection from blood and other bodily fluids is extremely important. 3M protective glasses are covered with a special coating which protects against fogging. The glasses are also glare-retardant which ensures clearer vision during use. They are designed for panoramic viewing and provide comfort thanks to the adjustable temple pivots.



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