Ansell Limited is a global leader in protection solutions .Ansell designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of surgical, examination, industrial and household gloves.
Product range available in Ilsanta portfolio:

With Ansell Healthcare being the world’s no. 1 surgical glove manufacturer, the Gammex® surgical glove brand is Ansell Healthcare’s acknowledged best seller in the professional healthcare market.
Building on the success of the first Gammex® glove, a powdered glove, Ansell Healthcare is constantly extending the range with new gloves incorporating state-of-the-art technology and supporting all types of surgical needs and preferences.
Recent innovative Gammex® styles include:

  • Gammex® PF HydraSoft® - incorporating Ansell Healthcare’s unique HydraSoft technology that hydrates the skin
  • Gammex® PF Micro-Thin® - providing enhanced sensitivity and grip for micro-surgery
  • Gammex® PF Underglove - Ansell Healthcare’s first true underglove, catering to the growing trend to double-glove
  • Gammex® PF IsoDerm® - the first latex-free variant to the Gammex® range
  • Gammex® PF XP™ (eXtra Protection) - promoting superior protection against cytostatic permeation

Far more than the safety of powder-free latex, Encore® gloves incorporate Ansell Healthcare’s quest for continuous improvement. The proprietary inner coating, for example, supports easier donning and double-gloving. Made on a special curved former, this range provides an alternate shape to Ansell Healthcare’s other surgical gloves and guarantees comfort levels similar to those of powdered latex gloves.
The Encore® brand includes a complete product range that supports all types of surgical needs and preferences, including specialty surgery, such as orthopaedics or microsurgery.

To surgeons, OR nurses and surgical technicians, DermaPrene® is the brand of premium synthetic surgical gloves with state-of-the-art technology, that supports your surgical excellence while keeping you safe when type I allergies are a concern.
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